01 08 - 2013

Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari welcomes media representatives

Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari granted the media access to its new terminal facilities, which are currently under construction, in a bid to showcased the new terminal.

The media was also toured around other airport facilities including underground tunnels, mechanical and electrical rooms and the air traffic control tower.

With this visit, Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari aims to ensure the public that it is ready to open the gate to the world.

Chief commercial officer, Limak Project, Haldun Kokturk highlighted that approximately 85 per cent of construction has been completed within two years and that the rest of the construction works are expected to reach completion before the deadline in autumn.

The airport is equipped with the latest technology on the market and the new airport terminal comprises of a parking lot, able to accommodate 1,750 vehicles.

Kokturk declared: "According to the Public Private Partnership agreement, this terminal was to be constructed on 27,000m², whereas Limak Construction has almost doubled its space by expanding it to 42,000m², including additional passengers connection bridges from 3 to 4."

Following completion of the terminal, the airport is set to organise public scheduled transport from the capital city to the airport and vice versa.

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