08 07 - 2013

Aegean Airlines announces significant rise on international flights

Aegean Airlines has recorded a 23 per cent rise on its international flights in the period May-June 2013, compared with the same period in 2012, with a total of 814,546 passengers taking Aegean Airlines flights, it announced.

This increase is reportedly the result of steps taken by the company to expand its international network with 32 new international routes, as well as the further development of its activity from the bases it maintains in Athens and the country's main regional airports.

Managing director, Aegean Airlines, Dimitris Gerogiannis stated: "The change in international perceptions of Greece, the recognition of the quality of our company, our new flights from Athens and the regions – all these developments offer significant positive potential for our international network this year. We will continue to support the Greek economy and Greek tourism with all the resources at our disposal."

Furthermore, there was significant growth in international passenger traffic during the two-month period May-June 2013 from the company's main bases: Athens (15 per cent), Thessaloniki (23 per cent), Herakleion (34 per cent) and Rhodes (40 per cent).

From bases operating just one aircraft, there was also an increase, such as Corfu (19 per cent), Kos (a new base – 155 per cent) and Kalamata (a new base – 274 per cent).

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