29 05 - 2013

Limak Kosovo International Airport launches employee health scheme

The concessionaire company of Prishtina International Airport, Adem Jashari
Limak Kosovo has additionally provided its employees with the private health insurance to promote improved working conditions for all of its employees.

The airport reports that it is dedicated to covering the costs of employees' long term healthcare and the contract is part of a number of employee benefits the company is keen to achieve.

General director, Limak Kosovo, Mertol Genç said : "Employees are the main asset of
our company and we are committed to ensure them the best working conditions. This is
one of the main targets of our company, having satisfied employees bring us satisfied
customers and jointly with it a growth in a business."

The health insurance contract is signed with Sigal Austria Insurance Company based in

Apart from Kosovo, health insurance covers regional countries such as Albania, Macedonia
and Turkey.

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