11 09 - 2014

Air Serbia partnership to shape future of young Serbians

Hundreds of new jobs have been created in Belgrade and Abu Dhabi as a result of Air Serbia's partnership with Etihad Airways.

Over 300 Serbian-nationals work for Etihad Airways and the employment opportunities have created career paths for many young Serbians. These include the first group of young Serbian nationals selected for the graduate management programme.

Throughout H1 of 2014, Air Serbia enhanced its workforce with 300 new professionals. The majority of these new jobs are in commercial roles, with a focus on the airline's call centre operations.

CEO, Air Serbia, Dane Kondić commented on this result: "The partnership with Etihad Airways brings many exciting and extraordinary employment opportunities for Serbian nationals that would not otherwise have been possible. We are growing our workforce and, for the first time, investing in skills that give people more than a job – we are offering careers.

"I am very proud that we have now recruited Serbia's inaugural batch of female pilots. We have ensured the transparency and advertising of all employment opportunities, something which rarely ever happened in the past, ensuring that all Serbians have an open and equal opportunity of gaining employment with Air Serbia," Kondić added.

President and CEO, Etihad Airways, James Hogan also noted: "The partnership between Air Serbia and Etihad Airways is strong and collaborative. It gives me great pleasure that Air Serbia is succeeding and to see capable young Serbians on the graduate programme learning skills in Abu Dhabi, which will stay with them forever."

Air Serbia's rapid growth is said to continue to stimulate the creation of a significant number of new jobs for Serbian nationals. The carrier currently has over 50 vacancies, with an active hiring process currently underway for pilots and cabin crew. It is planning to re-launch the cadet pilot scheme, which will provide stream of internationally qualified young pilots.

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