25 06 - 2013

Macedonia and Kosovo deepen tourism relations

Minister of Economy, Macedonia, Valon Saraqini has recently met with Deputy Prime Minister, Kosovo, Mimoza Kusari-Lila to discuss current and future projects designed to further intensify the cooperation between the two countries, with potential for tourism cooperation ranking high on their agenda.

As Saraqini revealed, in terms of tourism exchange, individual and business travellers ranked top in both countries, while organised travel dominated lake areas and winter resorts. He also noted that the first four months of 2013 saw a significant increase in comparison with 2012 figures. April 2013 saw a 49 per cent increase in arrival numbers of tourists from Kosovo to Macedonia, with overnight stays rising by 53 per cent.

Saraqini further confirmed that the final goal of the two neighbouring countries is to create a joint tourist package so as to become more competitive to international markets.

Kusari-Lila added that, apart from tourism cooperation in promotional efforts to third markets, a greater focus will be placed on increasing the industrial and economic cooperation between the two countries. She mentioned specific projects such as the construction of a road between Skopje and Pristina, as well as the Brezovica ski resort project, plus an anticipated Agreement on Tourism Cooperation between the two countries as the way forward to further cooperation as well as attracting investments.

Saraqini noted that the Agreement is set to be a solid foundation for investments in tourism; exchange of experiences, information and statistics; joint participation at exhibitions, fairs and similar events; and more.

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