CSR http://ttgbalkans.com Thu, 09 Jul 2020 22:07:43 +0000 en-gb Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro welcomes Dita Von Teese http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/1054-hotel-regent-porto-montenegro-welcomes-dita-von-teese.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/1054-hotel-regent-porto-montenegro-welcomes-dita-von-teese.html Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro welcomes Dita Von Teese

With its official grand opening ceremony scheduled for August 27, Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro recently welcomed its first guests, one of them being Hollywood icon, Dita Von Teese – known as the 'Queen of Burlesque'.

Von Teese visited the hotel to attend the auction of a portrait of her by Milena Zevu, a renowned multimedia artist hailing from Belgrade. Organised by event agency, The Duke, New York, the 'Royal Cocktail' auction took place in The Library Bar of Regent Porto Montenegro in early August.

The portrait, made from over 13,000 Swarovski crystals, was successfully sold, with a third of the proceeds donated to Foundation Petrovic – Njegos – a Montenegrin charity which aids in the promotion and preservation of the country's identity, culture and tradition.

During the auction, Von Teese enthused: "I am thrilled to be here, and that the auction has generated funds and awareness for this worthy cause."

ttsierkezou@ttgmena.com (Tatiana Tsierkezou) CSR Fri, 22 Aug 2014 13:34:33 +0000
Aegean Airlines scoops accolade for CSR http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/1015-aegean-airlines-wins-accolade-for-csr.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/1015-aegean-airlines-wins-accolade-for-csr.html Aegean Airlines scoops accolade for CSR

Aegean Airlines recently received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 2014 by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) as part of the 2014 ACCI Awards to enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The airline was given this particularly important distinction in recognition of its strategic decision to systematically invest in corporate responsibility. In this context, the company implemented once again this year a series of actions aimed at highlighting Greece's cultural heritage, developing tourism, promoting and reinforcing sports, adopting eco-friendly practices, and supporting vulnerable groups in society.

The award ceremony was held recently, at the Athens Concert Hall.

Chairman, Aegean Airlines, Theodoros Vasilakis said: "Indeed, social responsibility actions have been, since the early days of the company, an important and integral part of the company's culture, and our activity in this area has been ceaseless. Allow me to say that we would rather keep a low profile in this field. We are committed to continue, with a new impetus, to plan and implement actions and initiatives aiming at always being close to the Greek society and state. I would like to thank the chairman and the BoD of ACCI, because this distinction gives us new strength and endurance, qualities which are always useful."

nhami@ttgmena.com (Nataly Hami) CSR Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:48:06 +0000
Varna on the road to adopting Green Star category http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/829-varna-on-the-road-to-adopting-green-star-category.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/829-varna-on-the-road-to-adopting-green-star-category.html Varna on the road to adopting Green Star category

The Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria, Branimir Botev recently discussed at a meeting in Varna the assessment criteria and acquisition of the category 'Green Star.'

The 'Green Star' identifies establishments that use eco, organic or natural products and will give additional credibility to attract more customers, according to Botev.

The discussion was attended by representatives of the Association of Restaurants and Hotels in the city, the management of St. Constantine and Elena resort and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, Bulgaria, Burhan Abazov.

Regarding the criteria Abazov stated that the fruits and vegetables should be locally produced, as well as the meat products – from free-range animals.

The initiative is a part of the five measures to be undertaken in the field of tourism on the proposal of Botev. As part of the initiative the Ministry of Economy and Energy is to partner with the Bulgarian tourist industry and national association Made in Bulgaria.

amladenovic@ttgmena.com (Ana Mladenovic) CSR Mon, 26 Aug 2013 13:54:59 +0000
Livno hosts Culture and Flowers event http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/803-livno-hosts-culture-and-flowers-event.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/803-livno-hosts-culture-and-flowers-event.html Livno hosts Culture and Flowers event

The canton of Livno in Bosnia and Herzegovina has recently hosted 'Culture and Flowers', an environmental and cultural event organised for the 15th time by the Tourist Board of Herzegbosnia County – County Branch Livno.

The event, which took place on August 10, 2013 on the veranda of Hotel Park, attracted the attention of a large number of citizens and neighbours with its entertainment offerings.

On show were gardens, eco-dress designs and costumes, as well as a variety of songs, dance and folklore.

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Winners of European Destinations of Excellence awarded http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/739-winners-of-european-destinations-of-excellence-awarded.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/739-winners-of-european-destinations-of-excellence-awarded.html Winners of European Destinations of Excellence awarded

A ceremony recently took place at the Marathon Run Museum in the Municipality of Marathon to award the winners of the programme EDEN 'European Destinations of Excellence', with the winning prize being awarded to the Mayor of Marathon, Iordanis Louizos for the Shinia National Park.

The theme of the contest this year was centred around accessible tourism.

The Municipality of Minoa Pediadas Crete was runner-up with Cretan routes.

A number of top officials attended the awards ceremony including the Lithuanian Ambassador, HE Alfonsas Eidintas, Croatian Ambassador, HE Ivan Velimir Starčević and representatives of the Hungarian Embassy, among others.

nhami@ttgmena.com (Nataly Hami) CSR Thu, 18 Jul 2013 11:02:54 +0000
Athens International Airport targets visitors in road safety campaign http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/712-athens-international-airport-targets-visitors-in-road-safety-campaign.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/712-athens-international-airport-targets-visitors-in-road-safety-campaign.html Athens International Airport targets visitors in road safety campaign

Visitors to Greece can now appreciate the new safety awareness campaign Travelling Greece in Comfort and Safety: An RSI Road Safety Campaign, at Athens International Airport.

Within the framework of its long-standing collaboration, the Hellenic Road Safety Institute (RSI) 'Panos Mylonas,' supported by Athens International Airport, is running the aforementioned campaign during July 2013.

The special material created by 'Panos Mylonas' Institute, is placed in seven poster cases and appears in the airports' dedicated screens.

The campaign, aims to raise the awareness of visitors to Greece, on road dangers and accidents, especially during the summertime when the road is traffic heavy.

The month of July was selected because during this time of the year an increase in road traffic incidents is recorded, both serious and fatal, according to statistics provided by the Hellenic Road Traffic Police.

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Macedonia provides free holidays for less fortunate children http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/687-macedonia-provides-free-holidays-for-less-fortunate-children.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/687-macedonia-provides-free-holidays-for-less-fortunate-children.html Macedonia provides free holidays for less fortunate children

Having launched a new CSR project offering less-fortunate children from Macedonia a free seven-day summer vacation with its 2013 allowance, the Government of Macedonia has sent off its first group of 320 children from several cities across the country.

Of the 320, 120 were sent to vacation in Struga and 200 were sent to vacation in Pelister. Each week the Government is set to send new groups of children, serving a total of 2,000 children.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Macedonia, Dime Spassov visited the intercity bus station in Skopje to send off the first group of children who are to enjoy the free service for rest and recreational purposes.

The initiative comprises of various educational, recreational, cultural and entertainment activities.

Member, Red Cross of Skopje, Susanna Tuneva Paunovska highlighted that this is the second time that the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia is taking part in this governmental project.

Taking part in the initiative are 60 volunteers from community organisations who have been trained and are able to organise activities for the children.

amladenovic@ttgmena.com (Ana Mladenovic) CSR Fri, 28 Jun 2013 09:44:30 +0000
Serbia to welcome eco-camp concept http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/659-serbia-to-welcome-eco-camp-concept.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/659-serbia-to-welcome-eco-camp-concept.html Serbia to welcome eco-camp concept

Serbia is set to welcome its inaugural eco-camp, Fruška Gora, situated on Fruška Gora mountain within a protected national park.

The eco-camp concept was created by the Camping Association of Serbia and National Park ‘Fruška Gora’, with the support of the Ministry of Finance and Industry – sector for tourism, and the Dutch government.

It is expected to meet the demands of local and international campers, and is to serve as a test sample for other protected areas which could potentially implement a similar concept. The eco-camp concept is additionally expected to generate income by providing tourist and hospitality services, while simultaneously reducing the exploitation of forests or other natural resources.

Regarded as an informal event, industry representatives and members of relevant institutions, as well as partners, associates and fans of camping and caravanning are expected to attend the opening day.

ttsierkezou@ttgmena.com (Tatiana Tsierkezou) CSR Fri, 14 Jun 2013 08:57:20 +0000
Kragujevac sends 120 children to Kopaonik for free holiday http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/653-kragujevac-sends-120-children-to-kopaonik-for-free-holiday.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/653-kragujevac-sends-120-children-to-kopaonik-for-free-holiday.html Kragujevac sends 120 children to Kopaonik for free holiday

Municipality of Kragujevac recently announced that 120 first- to fourth-grade pupils from 22 of the city's elementary schools have departed for a five-day long holiday at a children's resort on Kopaonik mountain, sponsored by the city of Kragujevac.

The students are said to come from socially disadvantaged families, and were selected by the Secretariat for Health, Social Politics and Community Care (SHSPCC), in cooperation with included elementary schools.

This is the ninth year that the city is financing children's' holidays, with 100 to 130 of them enjoying free holidays each year.

Secretary, SHSPCC, Ivana Todorović explained: "Parents are not participating at all in financing the expenses of their children's stays in Kopaonik, but the city is completely covering their stay on this mountain.

In this year's group, pupils from schools for children with impaired hearing and those from Vukašin Markovic elementary school for children with special needs are also included.

amladenovic@ttgmena.com (Ana Mladenovic) CSR Wed, 12 Jun 2013 13:33:38 +0000
Tirana International Airport marks World Environment Day http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/637-tirana-international-airport-marks-world-environment-day.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/csr/item/637-tirana-international-airport-marks-world-environment-day.html Tirana International Airport marks World Environment Day

Tirana International Airport (TIA) announced that it has celebrated World Environment Day in cooperation with the Regional Environment Centre (REC) by organising an education and animation activity at the airport's premises titled 'Think.Eat.Save. Reduce your Foodprint.'

The event was attended by children from Rinas and Qerreke, aged 11 to 12, who had the opportunity to learn how to reduce their negative environmental footprint and enjoy an animated theatre show for which the entrance fee was to bring an empty aluminium can.

"Together we improve our lives. We are happy to mark this day by joining in this activity along with the Regional Environment Agency. The best way to raise awareness and to enhance a sense of responsibility of environmentally friendly living is through the young generation. It is important to highlight that the impact of food waste is not just financial," said chief operations officer, TIA, Rolf Castro-Vasquez.

The activity organised by the airport follows the global campaign to cut food waste launched in 2013 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and partners.

This is not the first time that TIA is expressing concern for the environment. The airport recently became carbon accredited at the Mapping level. The Carbon Accreditation Programme assesses and recognises efforts to manage and reduce carbon emissions from airport operations.

amladenovic@ttgmena.com (Ana Mladenovic) CSR Thu, 06 Jun 2013 09:57:35 +0000