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Kosovo's Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari has welcomed Haldun Firat Kokturk as the new general director.

Kokturk began his career as an engineer of the construction and the operation phase at Zonguldak International Airport, Turkey. He has also previously served as project manager and construction manager for different projects in the field of energy, tourism, aviation and air transport, among many other positions.

Quality orientated, Kokturk has committed himself to the completion of the construction of the new terminal of the Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari by being the chief development officer at Limak Kosovo of enterprises and the author of the master plan of the new terminal.

Holding a Master of Science on Civil Engineering, Kokturk has completed much training and is a holder of numerous certificates in the field of civil aviation such as security, management, plus more.

Over the years, Kokturk has proven to be well prepared and highly skilled in the contract management processes, cost evaluation and management, airport planning, management and development, civil aviation and budget management.

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Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari welcomes media representatives http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/779-prishtina-international-airport-adem-jashari-welcomes-media-representatives.html http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/779-prishtina-international-airport-adem-jashari-welcomes-media-representatives.html Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari welcomes media representatives

Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari granted the media access to its new terminal facilities, which are currently under construction, in a bid to showcased the new terminal.

The media was also toured around other airport facilities including underground tunnels, mechanical and electrical rooms and the air traffic control tower.

With this visit, Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari aims to ensure the public that it is ready to open the gate to the world.

Chief commercial officer, Limak Project, Haldun Kokturk highlighted that approximately 85 per cent of construction has been completed within two years and that the rest of the construction works are expected to reach completion before the deadline in autumn.

The airport is equipped with the latest technology on the market and the new airport terminal comprises of a parking lot, able to accommodate 1,750 vehicles.

Kokturk declared: "According to the Public Private Partnership agreement, this terminal was to be constructed on 27,000m², whereas Limak Construction has almost doubled its space by expanding it to 42,000m², including additional passengers connection bridges from 3 to 4."

Following completion of the terminal, the airport is set to organise public scheduled transport from the capital city to the airport and vice versa.

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Macedonia and Kosovo deepen tourism relations http://ttgbalkans.com/tourism-boards/item/680-macedonia-and-kosovo-deepen-tourism-relations.html http://ttgbalkans.com/tourism-boards/item/680-macedonia-and-kosovo-deepen-tourism-relations.html Macedonia and Kosovo deepen tourism relations

Minister of Economy, Macedonia, Valon Saraqini has recently met with Deputy Prime Minister, Kosovo, Mimoza Kusari-Lila to discuss current and future projects designed to further intensify the cooperation between the two countries, with potential for tourism cooperation ranking high on their agenda.

As Saraqini revealed, in terms of tourism exchange, individual and business travellers ranked top in both countries, while organised travel dominated lake areas and winter resorts. He also noted that the first four months of 2013 saw a significant increase in comparison with 2012 figures. April 2013 saw a 49 per cent increase in arrival numbers of tourists from Kosovo to Macedonia, with overnight stays rising by 53 per cent.

Saraqini further confirmed that the final goal of the two neighbouring countries is to create a joint tourist package so as to become more competitive to international markets.

Kusari-Lila added that, apart from tourism cooperation in promotional efforts to third markets, a greater focus will be placed on increasing the industrial and economic cooperation between the two countries. She mentioned specific projects such as the construction of a road between Skopje and Pristina, as well as the Brezovica ski resort project, plus an anticipated Agreement on Tourism Cooperation between the two countries as the way forward to further cooperation as well as attracting investments.

Saraqini noted that the Agreement is set to be a solid foundation for investments in tourism; exchange of experiences, information and statistics; joint participation at exhibitions, fairs and similar events; and more.

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Limak Kosovo International Airport launches employee health scheme http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/598-limak-kosovo-international-airport-launches-employee-health-scheme.html http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/598-limak-kosovo-international-airport-launches-employee-health-scheme.html Limak Kosovo International Airport launches employee health scheme

The concessionaire company of Prishtina International Airport, Adem Jashari
Limak Kosovo has additionally provided its employees with the private health insurance to promote improved working conditions for all of its employees.

The airport reports that it is dedicated to covering the costs of employees' long term healthcare and the contract is part of a number of employee benefits the company is keen to achieve.

General director, Limak Kosovo, Mertol Genç said : "Employees are the main asset of
our company and we are committed to ensure them the best working conditions. This is
one of the main targets of our company, having satisfied employees bring us satisfied
customers and jointly with it a growth in a business."

The health insurance contract is signed with Sigal Austria Insurance Company based in

Apart from Kosovo, health insurance covers regional countries such as Albania, Macedonia
and Turkey.

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Peaks of the Balkans wins the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2013 http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/535-peaks-of-the-balkans-wins-of-the-wttc-tourism-for-tomorrow-awards-2013.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/535-peaks-of-the-balkans-wins-of-the-wttc-tourism-for-tomorrow-awards-2013.html Peaks of the Balkans wins the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2013

The Peaks of the Balkans Trail, a 192km long passage through Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, has recently been awarded the winner for outstanding 'Destination Stewardship' at this year's World Travel and Tourism Council´s (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Awards held last month in Abu Dhabi.

The keynote speaker at the event, former US President Bill Clinton noted, in relation to the Balkans: "Peace works better than conflict, and one of the best manifestations of this is travel and tourism."

Head of Tourism, Peja Municipality in Kosovo, Virtyt Morina, also project steering group member said: "Through a positive attitude and sheer hard work, the project celebrates the growing cooperation of 5.4 million people of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. We are so pleased to offer some of the least known and the most beautiful parts our three countries. What people gain from this is a genuinely authentic experience of our culture and nature."

He further explained: "Crossing three country borders, the Trail is a giant gesture of how sustainable tourism works in a very real way. The Trail opens up the world's newest hiking experience crossing three country-protected national parks."

Morina continued by saying that the project offers tourists the opportunity to experience rugged beauty through different environments, ranging from gentle grasslands to challenging mountain climbing, to the sheer gorgeousness of glacial lakes, and authentic old villages.

"The project has given our local people a whole new range of opportunities to earn money, develop skills, have pride in sharing their special cultural practices with visitors who want active holidays, and a guarantee of utterly local experiences.

"We are still learning and getting our tourism right. Creating sustainable practice is an ongoing journey for all of us in our three countries," he stated, adding: "But one thing we know for sure is that working as a team, celebrating our part of the world, whilst protecting and sharing our culture and beautiful nature is a major commitment for us all."

Project steering group member, Merita Kazazi from Shkodra Regional Council, Albania, also commented: "The best thing about the project is that Peaks of the Balkans Trail shows the cooperation in crossing borders, to create peace and welfare even beyond the politics."
Also attending the ceremony, project steering group member, Enis Ljuljanovic from Montenegro´s Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism added: "Although during the project it was a challenge to hold on to our local culture and spirit and protect our nature, comprehensive planning and a strong regulatory regime helped to support development that is both financially viable and environmentally supportive."

Director for economic development, Peja Municipality, Sokol Ukaj thanked all stakeholders and supporters, especially the German aid organisation GIZ and WTTC for helping to make the project become "a celebration of peace and of transformation for the people of the Balkans" a reality.

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Regent Holidays launches tour of Kosovo as part of 2013 brochure http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/246-regent-holidays-launches-tour-of-kosovo-as-part-of-2013-brochure.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/246-regent-holidays-launches-tour-of-kosovo-as-part-of-2013-brochure.html Regent Holidays launches tour of Kosovo as part of 2013 brochure

A new eight day tour of Kosovo, called Kosovo in Depth, has recently been added to Regent Holidays' new programme.

This small group offers the chance to explore the country, from the capital Prishtina to the town of Prizren, and the dramatic Rugova Gorge, via wine tasting and delicious food, among other activities.

The tour is part of Regent Holidays' latest brochure named The Alternative Collection, featuring an array of small group tours, tailor-made itineraries and city breaks to Russia, North Korea, Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia and beyond.

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Peaks of the Balkans – Municipality of Peja shortlisted for WTTC awards http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/196-peaks-of-the-balkans-municipality-of-peja-shortlisted-for-wttc-awards.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/196-peaks-of-the-balkans-municipality-of-peja-shortlisted-for-wttc-awards.html Peaks of the Balkans – Municipality of Peja shortlisted for WTTC awards

Peaks of the Balkans – Municipality of Peja, Kosovo has been chosen as one of the 12 finalists of the 2013 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, held by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

The awards are said to be one of the highest accolades in the global Travel & Tourism industry, identifying sustainable tourism best practices in worldwide destinations and businesses.

Finalists of the awards were selected by an international panel of independent judges, chaired by renowned expert on sustainable tourism, Costas Christ. In the first stage of a three step judging process, judges evaluated and selected award entries that best demonstrated the protection of natural and cultural heritage, delivering social and economic benefits to local people, and engaging in environmentally friendly operations, as well as other established sustainable tourism criteria. The second phase of the judging includes an on-site evaluation of each finalist carried out by international sustainable tourism experts who make first-hand assessments.

"Tourism for Tomorrow is built on the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. The awards finalists reflect financially successful businesses, which balance growing demand with shrinking natural resources, and reflect the contributions of employees and destination communities." CEO, WTTC, David Scowsill outlined.

Winners and finalists are set to be announced during a Gala evening at WTTC's annual Global Summit taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 9-10, 2013.

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Air Arabia launches service to Prishtina http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/112-air-arabia-launches-service-to-prishtina.html http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/112-air-arabia-launches-service-to-prishtina.html Air Arabia launches service to Prishtina

Air Arabia has recently launched its inaugural service to Prishtina, Kosovo, becoming the first UAE airline to operate scheduled flights to the country.

The low-cost airline is to offer two weekly services between Sharjah and Prishtina, with flights operating on Mondays and Thursdays.

Group CEO, Air Arabia, Adel Ali said: "Air Arabia is delighted to touch down in Prishtina and became the first UAE carrier to
offer a scheduled service to Kosovo."

Ali added: "We are confident that our service to Prishtina will further contribute to the ever growing ties between the Republic of Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the launch of two direct flights from Sharjah will offer customers a unique value driven product, while rapidly expanding our network in Eastern Europe."

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Explore announces new adventure destinations http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/95-explore-announces-new-adventure-destinations.html http://ttgbalkans.com/more/leisure/item/95-explore-announces-new-adventure-destinations.html Explore announces new adventure destinations

Explore has reported that it is to feature Iraq, Kosovo and the Philippines as new destinations in its latest Discovery brochure, bringing its adventure holidays portfolio to over 250 adventure holidays in a total of 116 destinations around the world.

The five-day stay in Kosovo is to be included in its 'Undiscovered Balkans 'tour, along with visits to north of Albania and Macedonia, showcasing the regions' rich culture and outstanding natural beauty. The tour is to enable travellers to enjoy its numerous mountains, lakes, valleys and towns, as well as Kosovo's rejuvenated wine region

Managing director, Explore, Ashley Toft commented: "Remaining true to our pioneering spirit, Explore is once again pushing the boundaries with the launch of tours to these little-visited destinations. Offering unique and unforgettable experiences, those who venture on these very special trips are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and traditional hospitality."

"As well as the introduction of these new tours, Explore has worked closely with its suppliers to make price savings across its collection. Without compromising on quality, this has resulted in us being able to offer what we believe are the best value-for-money adventure holidays on the market."

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Air Arabia announces flights from Sharjah to Prishtina http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/91-air-arabia-announces-flights-from-sharjah-to-prishtina.html http://ttgbalkans.com/transport/item/91-air-arabia-announces-flights-from-sharjah-to-prishtina.html Air Arabia announces flights from Sharjah to Prishtina

Air Arabia has announced that it is set to begin a twice weekly service to Prishtina International Airport on November 22 becoming the first UAE airline to operate scheduled flights to Kosovo.

Operating on Mondays and Thursdays, Air Arabia's Kosovo service will depart from Sharjah International Airport at 09:00 and arrive at Prishtina International Airport at 12:30. Return flights will depart from Kosovo on the same days at 13:30 and arrive in Sharjah at 21:30.

Director general, Civil Aviation Authority Republic of Kosovo, HE Dritan Gjonbalaj said: "Air Arabia's inaugural flight to Prishtina marks an important moment in the ever growing ties between the Republic of Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates. As the first UAE carrier to fly to Kosovo, Air Arabia is at the forefront of a significant trend, with the flow of goods, services and people between the two countries only likely to increase in the coming years."

Group CEO, Air Arabia, Adel Ali commented: "Ever since we began operations nine years ago, Air Arabia has prided itself on being an airline of firsts. We are pleased to become the first UAE carrier to offer a scheduled service to Kosovo."

Air Arabia also facilitates a direct bus service between Sharjah International Airport and the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition, the airline runs a city terminal office in Dubai making it convenient for customers visiting the UAE.

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