Exhibitions http://ttgbalkans.com Fri, 19 Jan 2018 03:29:53 +0000 en-gb WTM to investigate future of blogs during WTM Blogging Progamme http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1049-wtm-to-investigate-future-of-blogs-during-wtm-blogging-progamme.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1049-wtm-to-investigate-future-of-blogs-during-wtm-blogging-progamme.html WTM to investigate future of blogs during WTM Blogging Progamme

The World Travel Market (WTM) 2014 is due to explore and provide insight into the future of blogs during its WTM Blogging Progamme.

There are two parts to the final blogging session of WTM 2014, both run by bloggers and travel influencers Melvin Boecher (Traveldudes) and Keith Jenkins (VelvetEscape). The session will follow WTM's very first Blogger Speed Networking event scheduled for November 6.

The first part of this year's seminar session, 'Turning Experience into Successful Experiments', is set to showcase some of the most successful travel blogger campaigns using social media. Boecher and Jenkins, will explore how and why these campaigns proved to be successful.

In the second part of the seminar session, Boecher and Jenkins will reveal the findings of blogging White Paper, put together by the world's leading travel bloggers and travel industry decision-makers.

Entitled 'The Social Travel Summit White Paper – Travel Blogging and Social Media', this section of the seminar session will cover best practices and collaborative success, investigating how bloggers maintain their credibility when combining editorial and commercial roles, as well as the guidelines to follow when collaborating with a blogger. The White Paper is to also cover how to evaluate a blogger's return on investment and how the industry should go about selecting a blogging partner.

Senior director, WTM, Simon Press declared: "Since WTM introduced its first blogging programme, in 2011, it's been standing-room only. That these sessions have been so well attended proves just how important blogging is to the travel industry. In recognition of this, we have dedicated even more time and space to this growing medium for 2014."

The blogging seminar session is to take place in the Travel Tech Theatre TT390.

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New seminar sessions announced for WTM 2014 http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1042-new-seminar-sessions-announced-for-wtm-2014.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1042-new-seminar-sessions-announced-for-wtm-2014.html New seminar sessions announced for WTM 2014

The World Travel Market 2014 has announced two brand new seminar sessions that are to investigate the relationship between women and the tourism industry.

These two seminar sessions are to form part of the Women in Travel programme. They are expected to cover a rangeof topics, one focusing on successful women travel entrepreneurs and the other addressing how the travel industry can enhance the lives of women around the world.

The Women in Travel programme kicks off on November 4 at 14:00, with successful female business owners sharing advice and discussing their individual career paths in Secrets of Successful Female Trav-Preneurs.

Adding to this, female speakers will discuss what it takes to be a female entrepreneur in a male dominated sector, obstacles, advantages and work-life balance issues.

On November 5 at 12:30, representatives from charity organisations and distinguished travel industry women will take part in 'Women, Human Rights and the Travel Industry – Helping or Hindering the Future of Women?'. This segment will comprise discussions from a panel of speakers.

Senior director, WTM, Simon Press remarked : "I am delighted to be able to launch the new Women in Travel programme. Women make the majority of the workforce in the industry, although senior positions are mainly taken up by men.

"The Secrets of Successful Female Trav-Preneurs session will give women vital tips to help them set up on their own. Furthermore, as a global industry travel and tourism has a responsibility to the people in the countries its sells, but is it doing enough to protect the human rights of some women in countries it promotes?"

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WTM Travel Perspective programme to feature Buzzfeed and Twitter speakers http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1037-wtm-travel-perspective-programme-to-feature-buzzfeed-and-twitter-speakers.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1037-wtm-travel-perspective-programme-to-feature-buzzfeed-and-twitter-speakers.html WTM Travel Perspective programme to feature Buzzfeed and Twitter speakers

This year's World Travel Market has confirmed Buzzfeed and Twitter as keynote speakers for the WTM Travel Perspective programme, which will hone in on social media and digital content as part of the standalone Travel Tech Show.

Buzzfeed will be represented by vice president of advertising – Europe, Buzzfeed, Will Hayward (who oversees its business operations, social advertising partnerships, growth strategy and expansion in Europe). Since joining the company in September 2013, Hayward has increased the site's UK traffic by 400 per cent.

A presentation entitled '27 things you really need to know about Buzzfeed and content marketing' will explore successful social advertising campaigns Buzzfeed has conducted with travel companies and destinations. This keynote is scheduled to take place on November 4 at 10:35 in the South Gallery, rooms 23 - 26.

As for Twitter, the company will be presenting the keynote speech on November 5. Twitter will focus on examples of how its UK and Ireland team is working with the travel and tourism sector. The keynote will investigate the concept of 'second screening' (people watching TV at the same time as using Twitter on a separate device) and how travel companies can increase awareness and bookings as a result.

Sales manager, Travel Technology Show, WTM, Jo Marshall declared: "Securing two of the biggest names in social media and content marketing so early in our planning is a testament to how important the Travel Technology Show at WTM has become over the past few years. Furthermore, it also confirms that travel and tourism is the most important vertical for social media and that WTM is the place for the business conversations to take place."

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WTM's Responsible Tourism Programme line-up unveiled http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1032-wtm-responsible-tourism-programme-line-up-unveiled.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1032-wtm-responsible-tourism-programme-line-up-unveiled.html WTM's Responsible Tourism Programme line-up unveiled

This year's Responsible Tourism Programme at WTM 2014 is due to feature world-renowned travel and tourism names, including Tui, Thomas Cook, Kuoni, Virgin Holidays and ABTA.

Conference & events manager, WTM, Charlotte Sutton commented: "The number of big name companies taking part in the World Responsible Tourism Programme this year demonstrates how the issue is moving up the industry's boardroom agenda. I am delighted Tui, Thomas Cook, Virgin Holiday and Kuoni are prepared to share their responsible tourism experience and expertise with the global industry at WTM. The programme is a must-attend event for all those interested in responsible tourism."

For the first time, this year's programme spans all four days of the event. Tuesday's opening event, 'Increasing the Local Economic Impact of Tourism' is to see director of group sustainable development, TUI Travel, Jane Ashton joined by sustainable destinations manager, Thomas Cook, Jo Hendrickx and director, International Centre for Responsible Tourism in South Africa, Heidi van Der Watt. The panellists will underline personal case study experiences that have ensured opportunities for local suppliers and producers.

The following session is to feature chief executive, ABTA, Mark Tanzer, who will be joined by director, Responsible Hospitality partnership, Rebecca Hawkins and head, Sustainable Tourism, The INTASAVE Partnership and CARIBSAVE, Rachel McCaffery. These speakers are to discuss their experiences of 'Reducing Energy and Water Consumption - Good for the Environment and Good for the bottom line.'

The Responsible Tourism Programme will then feature a debate covering the topic of 'How can you use Responsible Tourism to increase sales.' This will be discussed by CEO, responsibletravel.com, Justin Francis; head of communications, ABTA, Victoria Bacon; and head of communications, Kuoni Travel UK, Rachel O'Reilly.

In the afternoon, wildlife tourism's relationship with and responsibility for captive wild animals will be discussed by responsible business manager, Virgin Holidays, Mirieme Hill and sustainable tourism manager, ABTA, Simon Pickup. Both will be joined by representatives from two NGOs, working on behalf of captive animals.

The programme also tackles issues around accessibility and opportunity at a session titled: 'Everyone Deserves a Holiday: Social Inclusion,' featuring speakers from Virgin Holidays, Campo dos Sonhos in Brazil and ABTA.

All of Tuesday's Responsible Tourism sessions will take place in the South Gallery 19&20.

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Europe Digital Marketing Conference to take place at World Travel Market 2014 http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1027-europe-digital-marketing-conference-to-take-place-at-world-travel-market-2014.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/1027-europe-digital-marketing-conference-to-take-place-at-world-travel-market-2014.html Europe Digital Marketing Conference to take place at World Travel Market 2014

World Travel Market (WTM) 2014 is set to host Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International's (HSMAI) Europe Digital Marketing Conference.

Taking place on November 6, the Europe Digital Marketing Conference attracts a variety of senior executives from the travel and hospitality industry. The full-day private paid-for conference is due to take place in South Gallery Rooms 23-26.

The conference will discuss subjects spanning web analytics, improving direct conversions and metasearch. Speakers at the event are to be announced in September.

President, HSMAI Europe, Ingunn Hofseth remarked: "We are very excited to partner with World Travel Market, one of the most important exhibitions for many of our members in the hotel and travel industry."

Also commenting was senior director, World Travel Market, Simon Press: "I am delighted WTM is hosting the HSMAI Europe's Digital Marketing Conference. The event tops off a jam-packed final day for WTM, which includes an array of new initiatives including WTM Bloggers Speed Networking and the Family Holiday Association's Holidays Matter Conference alongside established events such as the WTM Speed Networking for buyers, Travel Perspective's social media sessions and Future You for the industry's students.

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Porto Montenegro hosts 32nd Nautic Show http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/984-porto-montenegro-hosts-32nd-nautic-show.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/984-porto-montenegro-hosts-32nd-nautic-show.html Porto Montenegro hosts 32nd Nautic Show

Porto Montenegro recently opened the 32nd Nautic Show, which is taking place in partnership with Adriatic Fair.

Running from May 1- 4, 2014, the event will present a variety of luxury sailing and motor yachts, inboard and outboard engines, workboats, sport and leisure boats, tenders, nautical equipment and businesses related to all things nautical..

Throughout the four-day event, visitors to the show can enjoy entertainment, networking and evening events. Adding to this, product presentations, lectures and live open-air DJ sets have been added to the programme.

The event's diverse product showcase and programme, coupled with the port's facilities and amenities, have been attracting quality trade visitors, buyers and media for three-years running. This year's event is expected to attract more visitors than ever.

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Greece the Country Sponsor of WTM Latin America 2014 http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/974-greece-the-country-sponsor-of-wtm-latin-america-2014.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/974-greece-the-country-sponsor-of-wtm-latin-america-2014.html Greece the Country Sponsor of WTM Latin America 2014

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) has been announced as the Country Partner of WTM Latin America as part of its aim to increase overseas tourists to 18 million in 2014.

The Country Partnership with WTM Latin America, which is set to take place between April 25-25 in São Paulo, Brazil, is designed to further increase ties between Brazil and Latin America and Greece.

As the fundamental pillar of Western culture, the Mediterranean country has attracted growing numbers of Brazilians in recent years.

Tourism today is a great speciality and the driving force behind the Greek economy. With trip options that range from cruises around its island offerings, such as Mykonos and Santorini, visits to the monument ruins of the Athens Acropolis, Greece received around 17 million tourists in 2013. Government expectation is for the figure to reach 18 million in 2014.

According to a study by the European Travel Commission (ETC), conducted in partnership with Oxford Economics, there has been some sizable growth in the number of Brazilians visiting Greece in recent years. Between 2008 and 2013, arrivals from Brazil grew by 36 per cent and the country currently provides just under 40,000 visitors to Greece per year. Visitors from Argentina, for example, hit 22,000 in 2013.

Secretary general, GNTO, Panos Livadas, remarked: "Greece as a tourist destination is growing in popularity in Brazil and Latin America. With this in mind, WTM Latin America was the perfect event to help us firstly cement and then further grow the interest in Greece from South America."

Greece is the long-standing sponsor of the WTM International Press Centre.

Director, WTM Latin America, Lawrence Reinisch, commented: "With all its history and culture, Greece has had a long and successful partnership with the WTM, and now it's going to be able to promote itself strongly in the Latin American market. The large increase in the purchasing power of our middle class in the last decade has given people access to the culture tourism products and services which were dreamed about by many, but were within the grasp of few. Greece will see more and more Latin America tourists over the next few years."

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Porto Montenegro attends Hainan Rendez-Vous in China http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/971-porto-montenegro-attends-hainan-rendez-vous-in-china.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/971-porto-montenegro-attends-hainan-rendez-vous-in-china.html Porto Montenegro attends Hainan Rendez-Vous in China

Porto Montenegro recently participated in the Hainan Rendez-Vous, an event which showcases the world's top brands of jets, super yachts and lifestyle products, taking place in Sanya City, China, in a bid to strengthen partnerships with yacht brands and partner organisations.

Porto Montenegro is striving to put Montenegro on the map for Chinese investors, particularly those interested in the nautical industry. With sales of yachts, foreign real estate and luxury goods on the rise in China, Hainan Rendez-Vous provides the opportunity to liaise with potential clients and partners.

In its fifth year, Hainan Rendez-Vous is China's primary yacht charter event, with some of the most renowned entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in attendance. This year, 50m+ super yachts made their Chinese debut at the show. This attracted key international players such as Ferretti, Feadship, Azimut, Princess, Beneteau and San Lorenzo, alongside regional brokers and shipyards.

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Athens portrays positive message at ITB Berlin http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/959-athens-portrays-positive-message-at-itb-berlin.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/959-athens-portrays-positive-message-at-itb-berlin.html Athens portrays positive message at ITB Berlin

This year's ITB Berlin welcomed the joint participation the City of Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Athens – Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association.

Portraying encouraging messages and a positive outlook for the upcoming season, the involvement of Athens in ITB Berlin is part of the Municipality of Athens' strategy to meet with major international organisations and tourism stakeholders in a bid to promote the city more effectively to the international tourism market.

Throughout the event, a series of meetings were held with tourism experts and media from the German tourist market, as well as various other markets.

According to research presented at ITB Berlin, Greece came in third place among the top destinations for the German market.

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NTO Serbia participates at ITB Berlin 2014 http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/957-nto-serbia-participates-at-itb-berlin-2014.html http://ttgbalkans.com/exhibitions/item/957-nto-serbia-participates-at-itb-berlin-2014.html NTO Serbia participates at ITB Berlin 2014

In a bid to promote Serbia's tourism offering, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (NTO Serbia) attended the recently held ITB Berlin.

The tourism body focused on promoting the country's city break offer, cultural routes, gastronomy, nature and festivals as well as the annual promotional campaign, Lifestyle Serbia.

Alongside NTO Serbia, regional and local tourism organisations from Vojvodina, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Čačak, as well as representatives from the tourism industry of Serbia also took part in the exhibition.

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