Country Info

  • Full Name: Republic of Kosovo
  • Population: 1,836,529 (July 2011 est.)
  • Capital city: Prishtina
  • Currency: Euro
  • Climate: Continental, Mediterranean and Alpine influences create cold winters and hot dry summers.
  • Terrain: Flat basin surrounded by high mountain ranges.
  • Official language: Albanian (official), Serbian (official), Bosnian, Turkish, Roma
  • Total size: 10,887 km2

With Serbia to the north, Macedonia to the south east, Albania to the south west and Montenegro to the west, Kosovo is landlocked in the centre of the Balkans.

'Discover new beauty' is the tagline presented by the tourist board to entice curious travellers to the country, which is attempting to break through as an exciting and upcoming tourist destination of the Balkans.

It offers several attractions, including a national park in Germia, Pritzen Mirusha Waterfalls, Rugova gorge, cave of Gadime and the Sharr mountains. Skiiers can also sample Brezovica during the winter season.


The easiest way to access Kosovo is by air. Prishtina International Airport is served by a number of airlines, including British Airways, Adria Airways, Austrian and easyJet, among others. Alternatively, travellers may choose to enter the country through Serbia, Montenegro, Albania or Macedonia via several road connections.