Country Info

  • Full Name: The Republic of Albania
  • Population: 2,821,977 (2012)
  • Capital city: Tirana 726 547 (2012)
  • Currency: Albanian lekë
  • Climate: Mild temperate. Cool and wet winters with hot and dry summers. The interior is cooler and wetter.
  • Terrain: Mostly mountainous and hilly on the interior with plains along the coast.
  • Official language: Albanian
  • Total size: 28,748 km2

Albania is a high-value tourism destination, offering a variety of world-class natural and cultural attractions, grouped in a small geographic area and managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. It is increasingly becoming popular in the eco-tourism sector.

The territory of Albania is known for the variety of landscapes, including rocky beaches, lagoons, rugged hills, high mountains, valleys and rivers, and boasts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It's unspoild seaside is a promising southeast European summer destination.


The country is easily accessible from Europe by land, sea and air. Its main sea ports are the Port of Durrës, Port of Vlorë, Port of Sarandë and Port of Shëngjin.

Tirana International Airport is the country's biggest airport, and 11 carriers (Adria Airways, Alitalia, Air One, Austrian Airlines, Belle Air, Belle Air Europe, British Airways, German Wings, JetAir Fly Lufthansa, Olympic Airlines and Turkish Airlines) connect Albania's capital with a total of 32 destinations.

Business / MICE

Top five cities in Albania, in terms of size and population, are Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë, Elbasan and Shkodër, with Tirana leading in terms of facilities and infrastructure for the MICE sector.

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